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1.Hard working period (1990-1993)
In 1985, Chairman Ye Jiyue, as a salesman entered into the belt industry, devoted himself to learning and set a goal to found his own factory.
In April, 1990, chairman Ye Jiyue started with 30,000 RMB, rented a rubber factory in Shangye village , established "Sanmen County Hualian Rubber Factory," producing rubber v belts.
In August 1990, the company name changed to "Sanmen County V Belt Factory",
In 1991, the annual production is more than 200,000 Am, with annual sales of about 900,000 RMB. During this period, the policy "Pioneering and

Innovative, Quality first, Customer satisfaction, integrity-based" developed as enterprise strategy.
In May 1992, the first domestic sales office was established.






2.Historical turning period (1994-1997)
In 1993 ,the company purchased the land more than 3130 square meters in Shangye town Xiakeng village, plant area of about 2000 ㎡. Between in1995 and1998, purchased land again for a total of about 4000 ㎡, and built a workshop area of 2000 ㎡.
In July 1994, mergers and acquisitions of the former rubber plant and some old rubber equipment, relocated the new site for the first time.
In August 1997, after the reorganization of the enterprise restructuring, and changed its name to "Zhejiang Sanwei Rubber Item Co., Ltd..".


3.The growth initial period (1997-2001)
In 1997-2001, upgraded the technical and equipment, initially formed the v belt product line of standard management.
In 2000, set up more than 100 sales office of nationwide, extending the global marketing network.
In 2000, the rubber V belt 'output reached more than 30,000,000Am, sales reached more than 80,000,000 RMB.


4.Rapid growth diverse development period (2002 - present)
In 2001, newly requisition land area of 113,333 ㎡, newly built workshop 50000 ㎡, a second factory relocation.
In 2004, the first conveyor belt production line started.
From 2005-2011, with technical renovation, the annual investment of 20,000,000-30,000,000RMB, eliminated high energy consumption, high

pollution, inefficient and backward production facilities.
In 2011, used the "" enterprise resource planning system (ERP) system” to upgrade the production management system
In 2012, newly using OA office management software, realize the paperless information communication and networking, started administrative office system upgrade.