Sensor conveyor belt

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Product description

Feature:The most popular passive belt protection system is induction loops/coils in combination with external transmitters and receivers.

If a foreign body penetrates the belt and gets stuck in the conveyor structure, it may rip the belt.

If a sensor loop is cut by this foreign body, no signal is transferred by the loop anymore - the receiver sensor does not get a signal and shuts off the conveyor drive.
 some time,when belt deviation or congestion occurs, and over rating value, the sensor will alarm and lunch emergency braking system, easy to find accident in time, to reduce the loss

technical proposal in loops installing :
1 in order to protect loop, rubber cover thickness should be over 6.0mm。
2 the loop can be vulcanized into steel cord or multi-ply conveyor belt, belt’s top or bottom cover.
3 the loop distance between 50meters to 150meters is better.,
4 two types loops exist for difference purpose, normal or flame resistance rubber cover belt application, normal type use the ordinary cement, the flame resistant type use the flame resistant cement.
5 Before choosing sensor conveyor belt, please let us know the specification, and then we can provide you the most appropriate advice

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